What is an everyday disciple?  Simply an everyday disciple is someone who is dependent on the grace of God in and through Christ on a daily basis.  Call it daily dependency. I find that as I read and study scripture…I want to talk about it!  Here is one way to do that, so the posts to this blog are primarily ones that point to the bible and it’s subject; that of Jesus Christ.

I am also sort of a news junky in that I live in this world and find that people talk about it a lot. Having the conversation and seeking to apply scripture, helps to ground my thinking (or drive it to the heavens; Col 3:1-2).

I currently am a Pastoral Resident at one of the greatest churches in the Midwest if not in the entire country, Emmaus Bible Church in Omaha Nebraska.  I serve Christ in the area of leading and providing direction for the Gospel Community ministry. In particular, focusing on the identification, training, and deployment of new Gospel Community leaders.


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