Comforting those who suffer

Recently a great brother and pastor, Evan Welcher, lost his wife to a long battle she endured with grace with cancer.  While I have never met Evan, I do follow him on my instagram account where most posts you would see him serving his wonderful “Resplendent Bride” as he so many times called her.  I pray for Evan during this time of great lose and thought that I’d share with you a good article he wrote about comforting those who suffer.  Please read and comment if you find the time on his article as an encouragement to him.

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Some things never gather dust

Every time that I watch this video, I start to fist pump in the air.  Even though the movie “Luther” is a few years old, it still has an impact on me.  Like then, we are to stand in our confession of Sola Scriptura, and Solus Christus for our faith and salvation.