Some things never gather dust

Every time that I watch this video, I start to fist pump in the air.  Even though the movie “Luther” is a few years old, it still has an impact on me.  Like then, we are to stand in our confession of Sola Scriptura, and Solus Christus for our faith and salvation.


20 Schemes coming to Emmaus Bible Church

Anytime that I can be encouraged and reminded about the communities that Christ wants his people to be imbedded with, I jump at the chance.

Emmaus Bible Church will be hosting a workshop hosted by Mex McConnell and his church planting organization “20 Schemes”  April 5th at our church building.

The goal of 20 Schemes is to plant churches in the poorest of Scotland’s communities.  Watch the video below to get a better idea of who Mez is and what he seeks to do for Christ’s glory.