Biblical Theology is awesome

One area that I am continually going back to in my sanctification is in the “basics” of my faith in Christ. I am constantly amazed at how many blind spots I have theologically, and to be honest, much of it has to do with my lack of thinking Biblical.

This year I have determined to focus on two doctrines: What is the church and grasping the story line of salvation through both the Old and New Testaments.  So where do I start? 9780851112985

One great place to stick your nose is in Vaughn Roberts book “God’s Big Picture – Tracing the story-line of the bible”  The purpose of the book, Vaughn writes is “to give you an overview of the main storyline of the bible” (hence the title)…enabling “you to get your bearings when you land in any part of it (the bible). By the end of this book you should have the outline of the Bibles story in your mind so that, whichever part you are reading, you should know where you have come from and where you are heading.”  And from what I do know about the bible, when reading it, we are all heading to see the unfolding drama of redemptive history and God’s promise to restore His kingdom through the person and work of Christ.

I hope that this next year, many of the dark places in my mind, might have the light of God’s revelation from Scripture, illuminated with the glory of Christ.  Vaughn concludes his introduction with just that goal for all of us in mind, he writes:

“Four hundred years passed after the completion of the Old Testament before Jesus began his public ministry with the words, ‘The time has come…The Kingdom of God is near (Mark 1:15). The waiting was over; God’s king had come to establish God’s kingdom. His life, teaching, and miracles all proved that he was who he said he was: God himself in human form. He had the power to put everything right again, and he chose a very surprising way of doing it: by dying in weakness on a cross. It was by his death that Jesus dealt with the problem of sin and made it possible (I would have said secured eternally) for human beings to come back into relationship with his Father. The resurrection proved the success if Jesus’ rescue mission on the cross and announced that there is a hope for our world. Those who trust in Christ can look forward to eternal life with him”

Biblical theology unloads the glory of Christ, shinning brightly his majesty.


Comforting those who suffer

Recently a great brother and pastor, Evan Welcher, lost his wife to a long battle she endured with grace with cancer.  While I have never met Evan, I do follow him on my instagram account where most posts you would see him serving his wonderful “Resplendent Bride” as he so many times called her.  I pray for Evan during this time of great lose and thought that I’d share with you a good article he wrote about comforting those who suffer.  Please read and comment if you find the time on his article as an encouragement to him.

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Some things never gather dust

Every time that I watch this video, I start to fist pump in the air.  Even though the movie “Luther” is a few years old, it still has an impact on me.  Like then, we are to stand in our confession of Sola Scriptura, and Solus Christus for our faith and salvation.