Pastoral Tool Box

I am a pastoral resident at my local church.  What does that mean?  It means that I am always learning and should be getting the point that I will never graduate from the university of shepherding.  One area that is really becoming clear in this process is the need to have a network of men around me that understand the importance of the shepherds task and are willing to let me glean the stubble from around their fields of experience.

One really good field is Brian Croft’s page “Practical Shepherding.”  Brian entered the ministry many years ago and saw the need to train other men in his church about his role and duties as a pastor.  He branched out of his church, to provide that same kind of attention to men universally by providing us with this site.

If you are a pastor or need some shepherding from a shepherd, I would encourage you to visit at least once a week.

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Here are other links that have helped me out greatly.

9 Marks


Al Mohler

Tim Challies